Honda CD 70 price in Pakistan is 86,900 Pkr which is higher than any other Chinese brands like Superstar, United, or Eagle. The quality of the material used in CD70 is very high and this defends its higher price value as well. At the end of last year the price was 73,900 Pkr but the prices this year have been increased by 4000 Pkr because of rising dollar rates and hurdles in importing the raw material etc.
ModelLast Updated OnPrice
Honda CD70 Price in 202316 feb, 2023PKR 137,900
Honda CD70 Price in 202223 Oct, 2022PKR 86,900
Honda CD70 Price in 202101 July, 2021PKR 84,500
Honda CD70 Price in 202001 April, 2020PKR 75,500
Honda CD70 Price in 201901 June, 2019PKR 73,900
Honda CD70 Price in 201801 June, 2018PKR 65,900
Honda CD70 Price in 201701 June, 2017PKR 63,500

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